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Not only can you participate in any of the 150+ education sessions during Cultivate with your all-access pass, but you can also enrich your Cultivate’20 experience by signing up to attend an “add-on” workshop. These half or full-day programs provide more in-depth opportunities for hands-on learning and are designed to help you and your business perform even better, so you can grow faster and be better prepared for the future.

  • Company Culture: A Competitive Differentiator
  • Garden Retail Workshop: Taking it to the Next Level
  • It’s All About the Workforce: Training for Success
  • Manager Bootcamp: How to Get Real Results
  • Moss Wall Workshop
  • Pest Diagnostics & Technology Workshop
  • Saturday, July 11th,half-day, 1– 5PM

    Workshop to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center

    $125, lunch included

    Similar to how the word “cultivation” means “the act of caring for or raising plants”, leaders must care for and grow a company culture. Culture influences how things get done in an organization. Management consultant Peter Drucker is often credited with saying “culture can eat strategy for breakfast.” High-performing organizations often cite culture as one of their competitive differentiators. The challenge is: Where to start? How do you shape the culture? This hands-on workshop will provide business leaders with a framework and tools to begin growing a healthier culture within their organization.

    During this session you’ll learn why company culture is important to the bottom line, how to create and measure your culture, the role vision, mission and strategy and values play in growing a culture and the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset culture. You’ll discuss the role leaders play and what company practices and systems must be aligned to reinforce your desired company culture.

  • Saturday, July 11th – 7:30AM – 5:00PM

    Workshop to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center

    $165, lunch included

    What makes a garden center modern? How do you keep up with new trends and the ever-changing customer? Last year we answered those questions by uncovering what makes a garden center modern and learned from industry experts about what it takes to get there. Join us this year and help define the garden center of the future.

    This travelling workshop, led by last year’s panelists, Katie Dubow of Garden Media Group, Clint Albin of Clint Albin Consulting, Tammy Behm of Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop, and Jessie Jacobson of Tonkadale Greenhouse, will submerse you into three very different horticultural retail environments in the Columbus area who have embraced todays modern consumer.

    At each location, you will have the opportunity to learn about and interact with each locations owner/s as they show you how their shift in mindset of the traditional garden center enabled them to take their businesses to the next level. Come prepared with a fresh mind and a willingness to learn and share as you and 50 of your peers in the industry embark on a deep dive experience of the modern garden center business model.

  • Saturday, July 11th,half day, 8AM-12PM

    Workshop to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center

    $125, lunch included

    Attend this practical half-day session to gain the knowledge, skills and tools to help improve your training practices. This interactive session will cover the characteristics of a successful training program and trainer, the principles of adult learning and the learning cycle, and how to design effective training. Participants will learn on-the-job training and reinforcement strategies, how to deal with difficult trainees, and evaluation tools to help you continually improve. You will gain the knowledge, skills and tools you need so your training participants not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain information, and immediately use their new skills. Come network with industry peers and share best practices and lessons learned from your own business and experience in the HR field.

  • Saturday, July 11th, half day, 8AM- Noon

    Workshop to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center

    $125, lunch included

    Whether you’re new to management or a veteran manager trying to adapt old techniques to today’s difficult labor shortage, this half-day workshop is essential to your success.  Based in scientific study but presented in an interactive and practical manner, Neal Glatt, a certified strengths coach through Gallup and a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer, will equip managers with the skills they need to hire for talent, develop their workforce, and manage teams to get the highest possible level of performance.

    Attendees will learn why candidates who seem so great in interviews suddenly fail when working in the job. You’ll discuss how to coach today’s employees in a way that is motivating and effective, and how to shift their style to boost retention and employee engagement.  If you’ve been frustrated with current workforce’s commitment, performance, and tenure, this is the can’t-miss education you need!

  • Saturday, July 11th, half-day 1-5PM

    Workshop to be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center


    With the steadily increase in consumer interest and desire to reconnect with nature it is no wonder why the moss wall would be the number one go-to when designing space. With its ease of care and instillation, down to the versatility in design, there is no easier way to accomplish the feeling of nature in our environment.

    Join us for a hands-on workshop that will take you on the journey of the moss wall creation. A team of innovative experts and design rock stars will dive into every element from the concept, proposal, and completion stages of delivering that biophilic connection that your customers love. You will leave with the confidence and guidance for incorporating the moss wall into your business plan as well as creating your very own piece to take with you.

    Already a moss extraordinaire? This hands-on workshop will open your creative pathways while designing your own work of moss art in a peer creation format. You will be able to tap into your peers for design inspiration, tips, and much more.

  • Saturday, July 11th, full day – 7:45AM – 5PM

    Held at both Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouses, and the Greater Columbus Convention Center

    $125, lunch and transportation included

    Led by bug experts, Suzanne Wainwright-Evans of Buglady Consulting and Dr. John Sanderson of Cornell University, this hands-on workshop will be focused on pests. In the morning, participants will learn how to find pests, collect pest samples, take photos of them, and learn best practices for keeping track of pest populations in a real-world greenhouse environment at Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouses. The second half of the day will be spent using microscopes and digital microscope cameras to learn and hone skills on identifying the most common greenhouse pests. Attendees will learn about the key pests of greenhouse ornamental and hemp crops and will see a demonstration on new scouting software.

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